Alberto Cavenati´s Treifekter – 13


Alberto Cavenati – electric and acoustic guitar
Antonio Borghini – double bass
Marc Lohr – drums

1. Prologue (Lohr) 00:41
2. La Scala Maciachini (Cavenati) 06:22
3. Operative World (Borghini) 01:39
4. Máscara Contra Retiro (Cavenati) 06:21
5. Radical Redesign (Cavenati, Borghini, Lohr) 03:20
6. Whale Of The Times (Cavenati, Borghini, Lohr) 02:43
7. My Baby Just Wrote me a Letter (Cavenati) 06:25
8. La Temibile Bicolore (Cavenati) 05:59
9. The Timid Theory of Fallacy (Cavenati)01:14
10. Varying Degrees of Being Another (Cavenati) 07:30


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Released on December 8, 2019

Recorded by Guy Sternberg at LowSwing Tonstudio Berlin on April 25, 2018
Mixed by Marck FUCK
Electronic enhancement by Marck FUCK
Mastered by Klaus Scheuermann at 4ohm music, Berlin

Design & Artwork by Travassos

All compositions by Alberto Cavenati, except “Prologue” (Lohr), “Operative World” (Borghini),
“Radical Redesign” (Cavenati, Borghini Lohr) and “Whale of the Times” (Cavenati, Borghini, Lohr)



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