Rudi Mahall / Aki Takase - Fifty Fifty

Available on limited edition LP only


  • Aki Takase – piano, toy piano, organ
  • Rudi Mahall – clarinet, bass clarinet



Fifty Fifty


1. Toolbox (Takase)
2. Energy With One Hand (Takase)
3. Ein Loch ist im Eimer (Mahall)
4. Erosion in der Tiefebene (Mahall)
5. Rest Area (Takase)
1. Clipper (Takase)
2. Mark in der Tube (Mahall)
3. Schicht im Schacht (Mahall)
4. Fahrstuhl zum Komplott (Mahall)
5. Folly Valley (Takase)



Recorded October 22, 2018 by Christian Betz, Berlinaudio. Mixed and mastered by Christian Betz.

music composed by Aki Takase (GEMA) and Rudi Mahall. Produced by Takase/Mahall

cover art by Katja Mahall, cover design and photos by Karl Mahall.

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